Announcements 5/24/2020

Welcome To God’s House: Welcome Back! During this time of Coronavirus, let’s take care of one another by wearing a mask (We have some available if you need one) and social distancing. We will be helping space folks out for the service. We encourage use of the hand sanitizers scattered throughout the church and will not be shaking hands. Please remember as always, If you feel ill or HAVE A FEVER, stay at home. There will be no night services at this time. Next Sunday’s schedule will be the same as today, one worship service at 11:00am.

Need a Mask?:  Carol, Junior, and Curtis are making masks for those in need.  If you need one, please contact them.

Van For Sale : A decision has been made by the Church to sell the van! So before we make it available to the public, we want to give You (church members) a chance to purchase. The value of the van has been determined to be between $2231-4200. It is a Dodge Maxi, 15 passenger, 1996 model with very low mileage. If you are interested please contact Jim Bernicken.

*** Scholarship Time *** : Any Church member that will be graduating high school this year and continuing their education this fall, please contact Patricia Mabe for a John and Nancy Nall Memorial Scholarship application. The application will be mailed to you. The deadline to apply is June 14th.

Tithes and Offerings: Just a note to let everyone know we can still submit our tithes and offerings when we cannot worship together. They can be mailed to: Calvary Baptist Church PO Box 1695 Robbins, NC 27325   Tithes and offerings are deposited weekly and giving records updated as normal. Please take advantage of your way to support God’s work and God’s house. Thank you for your dedication to God’s service.

Website : Please check out our updated website: Our Facebook page and the website are great sources of information and encouragement. Thank you Helen Maness for this work of love!

Mowing Season: During mowing season please do not place flowers or other items directly on/in the ground around tombstones. These can cause a hazard during mowing season. Thank you for your help.